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Deputies Deliberate on Report Made at Beijing Municipal Women's Congress

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Deputies to the 14th Beijing Municipal Women's Congress held a discussion on June 18, deliberating on the work report made by Cai Shumin on behalf of the 13th Executive Committee of the Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) at the congress's opening.

All the deputies fully agreed with the report and described it as being "pragmatic", "operational" and "inspiring".

The report was made with the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and it reflected the fulfillment of themunicipal Party committee’s requirements on women's work, kept pace with the spirit of the 12th National Women's Congress, focused on the overall tasks of the capital city and the actual situation of women's work in the new era, the deputies said.

"It fully praised Beijing's achievements in the women's cause and the work of the BWF in the past five years and set goals and missions for women in the city to participate in developing Beijing into an international world-class harmonious and livable city, and playing their parts in realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation," they remarked, saying it will be an important guideline for the innovative development of women's work in the city.

The deputies said that the achievements summarized in the report were "comprehensive and objective", which mirrors the Party's high attention to women's cause, the government's strong guarantee and the public support to women's cause, and the fruits of pioneering reforms and innovations made by women's federations over recent years.

The report records the brands, highlights, characteristics and practical results of women's work in the past five years in a down-to-earth stylistic language and everyone's effort was mentioned in it, they noted.

They said it tells many vivid stories involving women's federations and women's development in Beijing and makes women's power and the vitalities of women's affairs known to the public in the new era.  

Deputies from the "four new" fields (namely, new emerging sector, new business formats, new social strata and new groups) said they have gained a brand new understanding of the work and achievements of the women's federation, especially the women's federations' role in uniting women and offering platforms and integrating resources through the report.

They expressed their willingness to participate in it and contribute to women's work and serve women.

Deputies from grassroots women's federations said they were proud of being contributors to these significant achievements in uniting women, promoting the equality between the sexes, boosting the overall development of women, safeguarding women's legitimate rights and interests, improving their lifestyles, advancing the ethical development of families, expanding exchange and communication, strengthening the building of grassroots women's federations and optimizing the online services for women's work.

They said they were also inspired and felt deeply responsible and honored to take their mission in the cause.

The deputies all agreed that the report echoes the important speeches of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee on women and women's work and proposes the guiding principle for promoting the women's work and reflects its concerns on political awareness, responsibilities and the people.

The congress called on women to follow the Party and make their contributions in the new era, which will significantly enhance women's sense of responsibility and mission, arouse women's enthusiasm, and lead them to work together for Beijing's high-quality development, they said.

The report defines the overall planning and tasks of women's federations in the following five years, they noted, saying that it also shows the firm determination in setting examples and taking the lead in carrying out major campaigns promoting women's role in the city's development.

The ideological and political leadership of the Party on women's work gained unprecedented emphasis in this report, and the tasks of women's federations are planned in accordance with the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Beijing's high-quality growth and the integrated development of the urban and rural areas.

There are many statements on family in the report, demonstrating women's federations' initiative in responding to the call of the CPC Central Committee. It focuses on the demands of both the high-end female groups and ordinary, especially impoverished women.

The deputies said reform was written in an independent chapter, showing the BWF's confidence and resolution in further deepening reform and promoting the implementation of reform at grassroots level.

The deputies from women's federations of all districts affirmed their commitment in the reform of women's federations to the end according to the requirements proposed in the report.

Grassroots workers for women's affairs said they will perform their duties as deputies and study and implement the spirit of the congress and offer better services to more women.

Deputies from various walks of life also expressed their determination of carrying out the tasks mentioned in the report. Those from the enterprises and institutions directly under the municipal government said they will help improve the intensive management of Beijing, serve the development of women and children, and track and optimize the evaluation system for women's and children's development.

Deputies from the publicity departments said they will let the ideological and political leadership penetrate in the reform and development of Beijing, all the tasks and activities involving women, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with their contribution on their posts.

Deputies from the health and sports circles said they will pay more attention to the physical and mental health of women and work on improving their sense of happiness and security.

Those who come from scientific and technological sector said they will improve their personal virtues to promote the equality between the sexes and create a better environment for women to realize their values.

Deputies from the political and legal system said they will use the principle of "ensuring the legislation is sound, law enforcement is strict, the administration of justice is impartial, and the law is observed by everyone" to guide their works in safeguarding women's legitimate rights and interests.

Those who come from the education circle said they will build a think tank to deepen the research on family with the city's advantages in talents.

Deputies from the state-owned assets management departments said the will increase study and exchange to improve their skills and performances in resolving financial risks. The deputies from social organizations said they will create service brands and offer service to women and children in their neighborhood with the support of governmental departments and women's federations.

Specially-invited deputies from Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions said they will help deepen the cooperation between Hong Kong, Macao and Beijing and learn the effective practices in women's work from Beijing, do a better job in children's education with advanced theory, offer more support to poor children and enhance the lifestyles of women and children.