The 14th Beijing Municipal Women's Congress opened on June 18. Cai Qi, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Huang Xiaowei, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of the All-China Wom... More



  • Liu Xiaohui: School Principal Devoted to High-Quality Education

    Liu Xiaohui is the principal at the Beijing-based High School Affiliated to Renmin University of Chinaand Secretary of the Party Committee of theHigh School Affiliated to Renmin University of China United Schools. She has been dedicated to meeting public demand for high-quality education during the past three decades. Liu has made a remarkable contribution to ensuringthat the school forges the same reputation as internationally renowned ones.S... More

  • Feng Fang: Entrepreneur Dedicated to Youth Innovation, Entrepreneurship

    Feng Fang has been committed to helping young aspirants realize their dreams in innovation and entrepreneurship since she founded the Beijing-based GeeDee International Innovation Center at the end of 2012. Feng is also an entrepreneurship mentor in the Torch Center of China'sMinistry of Science and Technology(MOST), a part-time Vice-President of the Women's Federation of Chaoyang District, and a member of the Chaoyang District Committee of th... More

  • Kong Aijun: Rural Official Serves Locals Wholeheartedly

    Kong Aijun has been president of the women's federation at Longjiawu Village inPingguDistrict of Beijing for 15 years. Kong has focused on the implementation of the decisions and arrangements made by the Party committees and governments at all levels.She has spared no effort to meet the needs of her fellows, making full use of the functions of the women's federation over the past few years. Kong became head of an agricultural cooperative in... More

  • WenYingying: Sanitation WorkerCommitted to Environmental Improvement in Beijing

    WenYingying is Secretary of the Committee of the Communist Youth League of China(CYLC) in Beijing Mechanical Cleaning Services Ltd. Co,affiliated to Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group,and Secretary of the PartyBranch in the Tian'anmen Area Sanitation Service Center. Wen has excelled in her workplace over the past decade. She has taken part in environmental sanitation work during many important occasions, such as the celebration o... More

  • Tang Nan: Overseas Returnee: A Pioneer in the Academic Studies of Lung Development and Regeneration

    Tang Nan, a PhD holder from the University of California, joined the National Institute of Biological Sciences (Beijing) when she returned to China in 2012. Tang has been selected as the leader of the science and technology innovation for young and middle-aged people, as well as the 10,000 Talents Program, and the Haiju Project,a project aiming to attract overseas Chinese back to the capital. Tang has madenoticeable achievements in her path... More

  • ZhuangWei: A Forerunner in the Practice of Rationality in Charity

    ZhuangWei is Secretary-General of Beijing Cihong Charity and Party chief of the First United Committee of Beijing Foundations in the Field of Culture and Education. Zhuang has been on the frontline of China's charity causes since she founded Beijing Cihong Charity in September 2010. She has adhered to the principle of rationality in running a charity, dedicating herself to making explorations and discoveries of social problems and finding solutio... More

  • Li Li: Netease Media CEO: An Important Player in New Media

    As CEO of Netease Media Group, Li Li has worked in the internet-related sector for more than 15 years. Li has pioneered a new "attitude-orientedmarketing"introduced the fresh concept of "content experience consumption upgrading"as well as contributed remarkable efforts to the development of new media inthe internet era. Under her leadership, the news portal by Netease has become the country's first operator to offer high-quality reading mat... More

  • Tang Ye: Veteran Director Devoted to Classical Dramas and Charity Affairs

    Tang Ye is a drama director from theBeijing People's Art Theater. She has stressed the principle of realism in her dramatic creations and has held a strong dedication to work, as well as the fulfillment of responsibilities during her 12-year-long career. Tang has provided Su Min (1926-2016) and many other elderly artists great assistance in the completion of their classical dramas, which include Li Bai, about thegreat Chinese poetof the Tang D... More

  • Zhao Juan: Medical Worker Protects Women and Children's Health

    Zhao Juan is Vice-President of theBeijing Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital underthe Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University. Zhao is also Vice-Director of the Society of Women's Health under the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association and Director of the Society of Women's Health under the Beijing Preventive Medicine Association. Shehas been engaged in hygiene, as well as women's and childr... More


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